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We sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you visiting our website.

Our library, established and operated by the Superintendent of Chungcheongnam-do, provides a variety of services for enhancing the information use, reading, cultural activities, and life-long education in local residents.

Our library fulfills the social responsibilities of the library, including but not limited to guaranteeing the public’s right to access and understand the information and promoting the services to fulfill such roles, in order to contribute to the cultural development of the nation and society, efficient provision of distribution of information, and narrowing the information gap in society.

Taean Library, supported by the Chungcheongnam-do Taean’s Office of Education, collects and organizes various contents including books and publications to raise the overall intellectual level of local residents and cultivate their social awareness, and it provides education/cultural programs, demanded by local residents, as the center of information exchange and cultural experiences, essential for the Open Education Society, Lifelong Learning Society.’

For increasing the efficiency of distribution, management and use of library materials and supporting the joint use of intellectual information, we are closely working with other libraries to provide an integrated service, as well as administrative agencies, relevant organizations and local communities and cultural facilities, including museums, and cultural centers, to provide local residents with more diverse services.

With the attitude and determination to actively embrace and lead changes, we will create the future of the Taean Library, supported by the Chungcheongnam-do Taean’s Office of Education.
We hope that your experience of visiting our website is pleasant and informative and make full use of our library.

Members of the Chungnam-do Taean’s Education Office Support Taean Library

Organization Name : Chungnam-do Taean’s Education Office Support Taean Library
Office Phone No. : 041-674-1369
Email : ta-lib@cne.go.kr


  • History 1992’s
  • History 2019’s
1992's ~ 2019's history
2019. 03. 01 Changed the name to Chuncheongnamdo Taean Office of Educaion Taean Public Library
2009. 10. 06 Extended and opened Taean Library
2008. 10. 01 Designated as School library support center in Taean region
2002. 03. 01 Designated as lifelong learning in Taean region
2002. 12. 23 Opened digital material room
1992. 07. 15 Opened Taean Library

Overview of Taean Library

Material Status

Material Status info
Books (volume) Nonbook
General Children Total CD-ROM DVD Total
67,441 46,559 114,000 38 2,761 2,799

Facility status

Facilities Status and number of rooms
Facilities Status and number of rooms info
Classification Basement 1F 2F Total
Fairy Tale Sarangbang Well-being Class Book Stacks Material Management Room Children’s reading room Digital Material Room Office Education Supplies Room Rest Room Sever Room Media Production Studio Direcvtor’s Office Study Room Reading Room Lifelong Learning Room Art Activities Studio
No. of Room 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 15
Seat 30 50 60 20 20 36 34 50 30 330

How to reach us


Public Transportation

  • Take bus to Wonbuk and Ewon at the bus terminal (takes about 10 minutes)

Library Contact

  • Address : 20 Woniro Taean-eup Taean-gun Chungcheongnamdo (417-2 Namunri)
  • Tel: +82-41-674-1369, +82-41-675-7335
  • FAX: +82-41-672-6771